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The small villages

Guided tour

The small villages

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In Monteriggioni the stone is grey, the countryside, divided into vineyards, olive groves, woods and arable land, is, depending on the season, green and yellow. Its ploughed land is red.
Monteriggioni is a border fortress 12 km north of Siena, an outpost against Florence. But it’s also a place where a widespread Etruscan presence left its mark, a place where pilgrims met in the Middle Ages on the Via Francigena. Still now we can see them stopping in hostels.

The route starts from the parking lot under the Castle: you reach the main door, and along its round circle you arrive at the other door that looks towards the Val d’Elsa. You enter the large square that once housed Sienese soldiers and mercenaries and you can admire the small Romanesque church dedicated to Santa Maria.
During the visit, I will tell you a story that will include the wine economy of the Chianti hills you can admire on the horizon, and the history of Siena, which was the protagonist in this area.

Colle Val d’Elsa

An “en plein air” visit that I like to propose is Colle Val d’Elsa’s tour. Colle develops in three phases: the castle, the village ad the bottom valley. We will visit the oldest part which is located on the top of the hill.

The place, like all the villages of Val d’Elsa, has very ancient origins, but walking along its streets, we will discover the red of the bricks in the Gothic buildings and the grey of the stones that frame the doors of the majestic sixteenth-century buildings. How does it happen that in a small village there is an alternation of such varied architecture? We will find out by walking along the main street, but also by exploring the alleys and tunnels dug under the buildings.


A tour rich in history, architecture, landscapes and artisan shops awaits us.
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