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San Gimignano

Guided tour

San Gimignano

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Have you ever seen a real medieval city? San Gimignano is small, very well preserved, in the list of Unesco heritage since 1990, and it is definitely medieval.
Towers, stones, bricks, archways, frescoes make you feel the medieval mood of this extraordinary village.

Merchants, bankers, money lenders as well as noble families and land owners built many towers in San Gimignano. It was a rich town , allied with Florence against Siena. But what happened between the middle of the 14th and the end of the 16th century? Why hasn’t San Gimignano renovated its town structure?

Why can you find any Renaissance buildings in San Gimignano, while Domenico Ghirlandaio and Benozzo Gozzoli , very famous Florentine artists of the 15th century, worked in the main churches of this town ?

Classical Tour

Along the main streets we will admire architectural details that make this small medieval city unique. We will stop in the main squares, we will enter the courtyard of the Public Palace and finally reach the top of the hill overlooking the countryside dotted with vineyards and olive groves.

City Wall Tour

Starting from the main entrance to the city we will reach the outside walls, we will stop in a little private garden overlooking the surrounding countryside, we will go through a path around the Old Feudal Castle in order to reach the city centre dotted with towers.

Every visit may include the Duomo (Collegiata).
Entrance fee to be paid on the spot.

  • Durata
    From 2 through 3 hours max
  • Abbigliamento Consigliato
    Comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Incluso
    Assaggi prodotti tipici
    Donation to the District
    Ingresso alla Collegiata o a musei
    Museum entrances
  • Non incluso
    Any other service that is not the guide tour itself
    Duomo and other museum entrances
    Local food and wine tastings
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